Photography by Ray Lovelace
I love photography's ability to halt time, to
freeze a moment in the ongoing interaction
between humanity and nature.  Paint
weathers and peels, new and shiny becomes
rust, untold hours of backbreaking work
wears a hollow in a rock.  My subject is the
process, seen in color and texture, often
unrecognizable as to its source.
I was in a gallery for fourteen years where I
was the only photographer.  My routine,
small, black and white prints might have won
some prizes, but they simply disappeared
next to the typically big, colorful work of my
peers.  So my prints grew and grew, changed
to color, and, often matted in black, came to
"hold the wall" as well as most of their
All these images were shot with medium or
large format cameras, generally on
Fujichrome.  Earlier work was printed directly
on Cibachrome.  Newer work is scanned and
given a quick inspection to confirm they're as
good as I thought they were when I clicked
the shutter.  Finally, they are printed as
giclee prints.
All images ©Ray Lovelace
Found Collage Paris 002